Expert Beta Reading

Once a writer has completed a manuscript, she often seeks out “beta” readers for feedback. I work as a beta reader for The Spun Yarn, and encourage you to seek out their services if you want high-quality, general feedback on your novel.

Apart from the work I do with The Spun Yarn, I also provide a more specialized service as an “expert” beta reader. I have a law degree (J.D.) and offer a deeper read for novels involving legal issues or scenarios. I do not offer legal advice or provide representation.

While I prefer fiction projects, I also have specialized knowledge and experience in the fitness industry, and will consider non-fiction titles related to that subject on a case‑by‑case basis.

To inquire about an expert beta read, contact me at

Writing Services

Whether it’s a project that just needs a bit of copy, a huge stack of papers that needs to be organized into a cohesive narrative or existing copy that needs refreshing, I am available for freelance writing projects. Persuasive writing is my favorite.

To inquire about freelance writing services, contact me at


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