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Little A turned 3 recently, and a neighbor gave her a precious Melissa & Doug fairy princess coloring pad and some markers. She’s been obsessed. She comes in from her activities and immediately sets to coloring. She’ll stay there for an hour or so and invite the rest of us to come color with her. […]

Explore More : April 18th

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten an Explore More out there. Apologies, but I tried to minimize my exposure to screens while on Spring Break with the kiddos. Consequently, I have lots of stuff for you this week, so let’s dive on in. Before we head into the content, though, I […]

It’s 9:16 pm on Monday night, and although I’ve got some five odd blog posts germinating in my head, this is the first time I have had a chance to sit down and write in a very long time. I am exhausted. I’ve been sick and I’m still working to climb myself out of the […]

(You’re gonna find affiliate links in here. They will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the item I’ve hyperlinked for the same price you would if you went there directly. But, you help fund my blogging efforts if you buy here. Kind of a win-win, no?) I’m about halfway through the latest Balanced […]

Holy Hormones!

It’s July 2013 and since July 2006, I have been pregnant, nursing or both for all but eight months. Holy hormones! I tend to have the mindset that right now, I am experiencing something unusual and “other” and that once I am done nursing Baby A, then my body can get back to “normal” or […]

Explore More – May 17th

April showers bring May flowers.  What do May flowers bring? The MAYpocalypse?  MAYhem?  End-of-School-a-palooza? Whatever term you use, you know what I mean. Spring sports are ending.  Dancers are recital-ing.  (In some cases night after night after night.)  School years are coming to a close and class parties, plays and other events come with the […]

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my father’s massive stroke.  (For backstory, you can read my mother’s thoughts on caregiving for him starting here.) Amid the many, many emotions and thoughts today is the realization of just how changeable “normal” can be. In my parents’ relationship, normal used to mean two independent people, lives intertwined […]

Explore More : April 12th

No intro today … too much to share! I think my hubby thought I was off my rocker when we had kids and I would nag him about what our baby’s bowel movements looked like.  Now, he knows to report without me even asking.  Your BMs have so much to say about your health!  Get […]

If you follow this blog, you know I am a rabid fan of the Balanced Bites podcast with Liz Wolfe and Diane Sanfilippo.  I have about six podcasts I regularly download but this one always gets first priority. I love Liz and Diane for their wisdom about nutrition but also for their authenticity and warmth. […]

I’ve never explained the situation in full detail, but I have made reference to a chronic pain situation that I have in my right pelvis/psoas/hip area. The MDs, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturist, and movement specialists that I saw were never able to fully “diagnose” me with a single cause for my pain.  No one can […]