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Unambiguous Loss

My dad died on Wednesday. If you recall from my mom’s posts about being his caregiver (see below for links to these*), my dad was very sick for a very long time. He was diagnosed with Stage IV nasopharyngeal adenocarcinoma in September 2003. The diagnosing physician at Vanderbilt University shook his hand and asked if he’d […]

Explore More : March 8th

Happy birthday to lots of friends and happy anniversary to my sister and her hubby! Now, on to business … Want to get started on the path towards “real food,” but overwhelmed at biting off too much too soon?  I love this post, because it’s all about making the journey yours. I hope that The […]

If you follow many parenting blogs, you may have read a piece recently on The Progressive Parent, Julie, and the loss of her son, Patrick (PatPat).  PatPat was born December 2011, and left this earth on February 8, 2013.  As Julie describes it: There was nothing, nothing, nothing wrong with Patrick. He just went to sleep and […]

On Friday, after the news from Sandy Hook Elementary had taken hold of our collective consciousness, I wrote the following on my Facebook page: In the wake of this horrific day, please be mindful of how you fill your mind and spirit. Just because we have a 24 hour news cycle doesn’t mean you have […]

Over the past few weeks, my mother Sally has shared the story of caregiving for my father who was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in 2003 and then suffered a massive, debilitating stroke in 2008.  He requires ’round-the-clock care which she provides exclusively.  If you missed her recollections, you can catch up here: The Caregiver […]

With today’s installment of The Caregiver Series, Sally shares some of the emotions she experienced as she dealt with the responsibilities of her caregiving role. My Second Husband – A Guest Post by Sally All of the sudden, I was living a life I had never wanted to lead. Previously I mentioned that after his […]

Today’s dispatch is the second guest post in our Caregiver Series.  It’s from Sally.  Last week she shared with us the beginning of her journey as a support and eventual full-time caregiver to her husband, who has battled both Stage 4 cancer (2003) and a massive stroke (2008).  Today she shares the next part of […]