I’ve waited a few weeks, or maybe months, to share the news that at long – very long – last, we have three children who consistently sleep through the night.

Little A turned 3 in June and with her newfound “big kid” status she has developed quite a competitive nature. In sum, the girl likes to “win.”

She makes competitions out of everything. Who can count to 4 first? Who can eat green beans first? Who can sit down on the ground first? She retroactively declares ordinary life events to be contests when she figures out she did them first and is thus, “the winner.”

(My soccer-obsessed husband is already plotting out how to train her for the U.S. Women’s National Team in 2035.)

We utilized this blossoming aspect of her personality in the weeks prior to her birthday and let her know that if she didn’t get out of bed all night and stayed in bed until her clock said 7, then she would, in fact, be a WINNER.

Lord help us if the child hasn’t slept through the night every night since. (Save for a bona fide emergency here and there.)

You know who the real winners are? Her dad wins. I win. Because praise the universe, WE ARE SLEEPING AGAIN.

And, yes, it makes all the difference you can imagine it makes. Moods are lighter. Annoyances are less annoying. We’re more productive. We’re better at everything.

Because, well, SLEEP.

So now, about six weeks into the solid sleep I’ve been getting, I’m ready to tackle the next wellness item on my to-do list and that’s REST.

Rest ≠ sleep. And we need both.

I need to rest my brain, my ears, my body and my mind so I’m working on different ways to sneak in short snippets of rest all through the day. The kids are still on summer break, so what it looks like now is five minutes of reading a novel before I hop in the shower. Or declaring five minutes of “silent time” in the car when the bickering gets too much.

It’s a work in progress, and I need more, but it’s already making me feel like more of a human again.

So share with me, naps aside, how do you incorporate rest into your day?

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  1. on 11 Aug 2015 at 7:42 pmSarah Morford

    I love that you didn’t look a gifthorse in the mouth. Congrats on the 3 sleeping – wow, it must feel like an entirely different planet. Excited for you to have rest and sleep! xo

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