Remember my post on sleeping?  Or, not sleeping, as it were?

Well, recently, things have gone from bad to worse.

Sweet Baby A has decided that she really wants to wake up and party from about 3am to 5am every morning.  This would be in addition to her regularly nightly wakings.  She doesn’t want to nurse, she just wants to play.

So, I had transitioned into that mode and warned everyone around me that I was even sleepier than normal.

Then she took the Express Train to Snot City.

She got her sister’s cold.

She woke every fifteen minutes for three nights in a row.  She was irritable all day long, ran a fever, screamed when she cried, and had terrible, terrible redness in her diaper area.

I am completely worn out.

Today, when she woke, her sweet blue eyes seemed a little brighter and her nose, though still stuffy, wasn’t nearly as gnarly as the past few days.

I let her put my finger in her mouth.

And, by golly, my girl has a tooth!

So, sweet little pea not only had a cold, but she was also working hard to cut that little tooth.

In retrospect, her brother and sister exhibited a lot of the same symptoms when they teethed: fever, ear pain, snotty noses, terrible diapers, and blood-curdling screams.

That little tooth served as a great reminder for me:

You never know what issues someone may be dealing with that they don’t have the capacity to articulate to you.  

Be gentle with each other, folks.

* * * * * * *

Tomorrow will be a jam-packed Explore More post, and then I am taking the next week off from blogging to celebrate the Christmas Holiday with my family.

4 Responses to “One of the Eight Gajillion Things I Learned From My Kids This Week”

  1. on 20 Dec 2012 at 10:28 amTracy S

    I highly recommend Hyland’s Sniffles n Sneezes for snot and congestion. I take it, and within 15 minutes, I can feel my sinus “unswell,” and it doesn’t affect my supply. I gave it to the boys as infants. Normally I just give it with meals, but I do it more often if needed. Love the stuff.

  2. on 20 Dec 2012 at 10:53 amKristine Rudolph

    Very interesting. I have not used very much homeopathy on myself or on my kids, but I did recently get their Calms Forte to see if it would help calm our evening routine a bit. It does seem to help but I could easily argue that it is the placebo effect as opposed to the remedy itself. Snot would be a different story … that’s measurable! 😉

  3. on 20 Dec 2012 at 11:49 amSheri Goff

    Your story takes me back a lot of years. You do get past it and forget the aggravations of babyhood eventually. Tim, now 45, did all of his best “tricks’ in the middle of the night and I was the one to see them! Pulled himself up to a standing position at 3 a.m. First steps at 2 a.m. He did not require a lot of sleep ever and neither do I. We go and go and go……..until we sit down on the couch to relax and then we are GONE, no matter what time of day! Mine is apnea as it turns out and I am much better with a CPAP. Tim is now in charge of his own life and health! That teething thing is not fun but you will get through it. Wish I had known about Sniffles and Sneezes! PS – his brother was a thumb sucker and I would take one of those ANY day, ANY time. He was a super easy baby. Tim had a pacifier but who had to get up and down and up and down all night long to find it for him?

  4. on 20 Dec 2012 at 11:57 amKristine Rudolph

    That’s the thing about baby #3 … I am tired, to be sure, but I am so aware of how fleeting it is! I actually don’t mind the wakings much at all and try to savor every second with her sweet, sweet little head nuzzled up against me.

    I thought she was going to be a thumb sucker! Every now and again she will find her fingers, but I actively tried to show her the way. I was all for her ability to soothe herself. 😉 But, truth be told, who could soothe herself in the wake of some sharp thing that comes jabbing through her little gum?

    Thanks for stopping by!

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