CityscapeI’ve been meaning to get this post out for weeks now and I’ve started it more than once. But I either end up telling you too much or too little, so I am just going to do a quick drive-by and hit the high points.


I’ve been working very hard to get my book The Myth of Jake to audio. I’ve recorded it all and now need some help. I’ve reached out to a guy, but if you know anyone, please send me their contact information.

I’ve been shopping my second book to agents for about seven months now and have had terrific feedback. Based on some responses I got last week, I am shelving that effort for now and will revisit that book sometime this fall. I’ve got some major rewriting to do.

Finally, I am about a third of the way into my first draft of book three. It’s emotional and difficult to write. It takes place over a very short period of time which is unlike anything I’ve written, so I am definitely stretching myself with this one. I hope the story evolves the way I think it will and that the characters ring authentic. Stay tuned.


I am absolutely still taking clients for one-on-one sessions, Pelvic Floor Parties, and Move More at Work audits. Speaking of moving more at work, check out #movemoreatwork on Twitter for some ideas on incorporating more movement into your daily routine. To schedule, email me.


I have been so happy with my Beautycounter experience so far! I cannot say enough about the wonderful training and support the company provides. But did you know that I am also an affiliate for Nutritious Movement™? You can purchase equipment like half domes, along with movement videos that are in line with what I teach here. Finally, you can also purchase outstanding grassfed meats, pastured poultry, highly nutritious snacks and more through U.S. Wellness here.

I am extremely particular about the companies with which I align myself. I am a very satisfied customer of all three of these organizations.

* * * * * *

That’s it – a quick update on what’s going on in my multi-revenue stream, odd mishmash of businesses, world. And, as always, thanks for dropping by.



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