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  Maybe you tinkle when you sneeze, or leak when you giggle. You know you should do something about it, but you’re not sure where to start. Did this post resonate with you? You are not alone! Urinary incontinence, while definitely not normal, is quite common and getting more and more prevalent. But don’t hide […]

When my middle child was younger, I used to call her midday sleeps “napples.” You know, a little nibble of a nap? (We clearly do not beget sleepers in this house.) As the summer comes to a close and I am full-time 100% mommy over the next few weeks, my time to blog will be […]

I had every intention of blogging all week long. Sigh. Between post-trip recovery and my hubby’s insane travel schedule, my ambitions were thwarted. ┬áThat Baby A has started waking every. single. hour. put the nail in my proverbial coffin. But, I wanted to get an Explore More out to you and with it, a promise […]