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Remember my post on sleeping?  Or, not sleeping, as it were? Well, recently, things have gone from bad to worse. Sweet Baby A has decided that she really wants to wake up and party from about 3am to 5am every morning.  This would be in addition to her regularly nightly wakings.  She doesn’t want to […]

For the past few weeks I’ve been soliciting you, my blog readers, for your holiday wellness wish lists.  Selfishly, I was hoping your desires would spur me to realizing what I wanted for the holiday season.  (We celebrate Christmas and then, a few short weeks after, I have a birthday.) Your thoughts did more than […]

Last year, my oldest child learned a lot about emotional wellness in his pre-K classroom.  For example, each day after playing on the playground but before lunch, the kids engaged in “Breathwork.”  They would lie on their backs on the floor, listen to soft music, and place their hands on their chests and bellies.  Then, […]

When Sleep Goes Missing

Baby A has hit the four-month sleep regression. What that means is that she has transitioned from sleeping a good 5-6 hour stretch and then waking every 3 hours or so, to waking pretty much every hour.  Except for the night before last, when she decided that midnight to 3am was time to “part-ay.”  My […]