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If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve likely seen reference to one of my staple dinners when D is traveling. I take whatever cooked meat I have on hand, usually leftovers from the night before, shred it in the food processor, and heat it up with some ketchup, mustard, and a little molasses. It’d be an […]

Warm Onion Tahini Sauce

I hereby reserve the right to amend this recipe in the future. It’s an adaptation from a recipe I used to adore in Jae Steele’s Get It Ripe. Jae is a whole food vegan, and she is brilliantly creative. Her cookbooks have inspired a number of my creations. This sauce represents my take on her “Fettuccine […]

It’s summer and my berry hoarding tendencies are at their peak. I’ve often chuckled at people who post recipes at this time of year with myriad of ways to “use up all those excess berries.” Who has excess berries? No such thing. That being said, the sad reality of a berry-obsession is that if you […]