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I’ve waited a few weeks, or maybe months, to share the news that at long – very long – last, we have three children who consistently sleep through the night. Little A turned 3 in June and with her newfound “big kid” status she has developed quite a competitive nature. In sum, the girl likes to […]

There’s no acne follow-up today.  Yesterday was go-go-go and today is no different.  The acne post will require a bit of research to pull together various sources on which I have relied over the years, so I want to take time to do it properly. Meanwhile, just a bit of reflection. Sunday, I felt off. […]

Last year, my oldest child learned a lot about emotional wellness in his pre-K classroom.  For example, each day after playing on the playground but before lunch, the kids engaged in “Breathwork.”  They would lie on their backs on the floor, listen to soft music, and place their hands on their chests and bellies.  Then, […]