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The Un-Squatty Potty

My mom lives in a community designed for people age 55 and older. We love going to visit her because the area is packed with activities the children can do from swimming, to pickleball, to golf. There’s a fun playground on the property along with walking trails, lakes for fishing, and some sort of celebration […]

Just a quick reflection from me today. Last week, I spent a lot of time with my dad who is in a skilled nursing facility, rehabilitating from a recent surgery.  He’s been working with occupational and physical therapists to regain strength, balance, and mobility so he can return home to live with my mom, his […]

Happy Winter Solstice! I’ve got a lot of stuff for you this week, so I don’t want to delay.  But, as a reminder, I won’t be posting next week.  I’m taking the week “off” but will hopefully get to sit and draft some meaty pieces for which I have been pulling together various sources and […]

I had a massage last night, with a therapist I’ve been seeing for nearly eight years now. Nobody knows my body better than this man does. It’s a given that a well-executed massage feels good, right?  It also provides some documented health benefits such as: increased range of motion local pain relief increased circulation increased […]