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Last night the second of the two nurses infected with Ebola in Dallas arrived at Emory University Hospital which is within a few blocks of my house. I send Amber Vinson healing thoughts and wish her caregivers strength and resilience, as I thank them all for their sacrifice and service. When we drove home from school […]

I spent last night in the emergency room at my local  children’s hospital with Little A, who had taken a tumble into a sharp drawer and sliced open her lip. I crawled into bed after midnight and only just now showered the hospital smell off of me, so I am far from competent to write […]

Monday’s post was a long one, and I’m tired tonight.  So today you get a spattering of random thoughts on wellness.  Because I have a little bit to say about a lot of things but not enough to say about any one thing for a whole post. (Nor do I have the stamina to write […]

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Enjoy some “fruit art!”  My daughter’s class cut up various pieces of fruit and explored the shapes and textures they produce when painted.  That was fun but not nearly as fab as the real fish they painted and used for art … until it got too smelly! I am all over the board today, so […]

I don’t have a coherent post for you today, just a mishmash of various wellness-related thoughts I have stewing in my brain. Last night, in my dream, I did a Google search.  I have now Facebooked, Tweeted and Googled in my dreams.  Clearly, technology has invaded our consciousness in ways we cannot even comprehend. I […]

I took Baby A for her six month pediatrician visit a few weeks ago.  I saw another doc because my regular ped was on maternity leave. The doctor asked me whether or not Baby A was getting her Vitamin D drops.  I said, “No,” and started explaining why but I had just started talking when […]

Today I launch a new feature – The Caregiver Series. Serving as the primary caregiver for a child, an ill or injured person, or an elderly relative, takes a tremendous toll on an individual’s wellness, both physically and emotionally.  I am not sure that we as a society do a terrific job of exploring these […]