DSC02671Things I love about summer:

I love the heat and humidity.

I love long days and a good cricket serenade.

I love the swimming pool, popsicles dripping down my kids’ chins and berries, berries, berries.

I’m three-quarters watermelon and one-half cucumber pretty much all of June and July.

I love not being able to see my neighbors’ houses because the trees are so thick, and I love the bright blue hydrangeas that hug the edges of my yard.

Going to the beach. Sandcastles and s’mores and barefeet all the time.

DSC02731Things I do not love about summer:

Leaving the beach.

Kids’ schedules changing every week.

Longer days mean later bedtimes, which is crazy-making in and of itself.

My small urban yard seems to be smaller when I want the kids to be able to play in it all day.

Smog alerts. #Atlanta

On the one hand, feeling like I want to cherish every minute of summer and on the other, worrying that I’m offering up some “Truman Show” reality for my kids three months of the year.

Worry. Always the worry.

What’s on your list?



One Response to “Summer: A Love and a Do Not Love Story”

  1. on 19 Jul 2016 at 3:00 pmSally

    shorts, the smell of fresh cut grass, swimming, swimming ,and swimming, flowers blooming everywhere, playing golf in sunshine . Feeling the warmth down to your toes

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