Saying Grace

We’ve been talking a lot about grace at our house this week.  Not the “thanking God before you eat” kind of grace, but the offering of clemency kind of grace.

Here’s the deal: Baby A’s been teething which means that her already wakeful little self is waking even more.  Plus, she’s had a red, raw bottom.  (Both my girls experienced this while teething.  And, medicating them makes it worse.  I mean, as in blistered bottom worse.  So pain relief is out.)  She’s gnawing on anything within arm’s length so she is clearly in pain and is therefore fussy, and snotty, and all sorts of unhappy.  Well, except that she remains a sweet, jolly little thing.

My husband’s pressures at work are unrelenting.  The big kids are in a phase where they are physically fighting a lot.  We’ve all been fighting a cold.  I am dog-tired from nearly seven months without more than four hours of sleep at a time.

In sum, we are a household of crankypants.

The result?  Our tempers are flaring more than we’d like.  We’ve all been cross with one another, our fuses are short and little things explode into huge things.

So, we’ve been talking a lot about grace.

We’ve been talking about how sometimes, it actually doesn’t help to talk things through with one another.  When no one is in a frame of mind to have a calm, productive conversation, sometimes talking things through will only make matters worse.

Instead, we offer grace.  We do our best to forgive and move on, knowing that if we need to come back to address the issue at hand later we can.  We talk a lot about how we all love each other, nothing will ever change that, and that living together can be difficult.

The other day, my four-year-old watched as the five-year-old and I fussed at each other about the Legos on the floor.  He wanted to keep playing.  I wanted to be able to walk in my living room.

Mid-argument, the four-year-old piped in, “Okay everybody.  Can we just move on from this?”

I looked at my son and said I could, could he?  He agreed.  We moved on.  The Legos got picked up.  Crisis averted by a pre-kindergartener.

We’re tired.  We’re not functioning the way we’d like.  If we’re a little cross, a little cranky, or forget something we told you we’d do, we apologize in advance.

And, we’d love a little grace.

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  1. on 16 Jan 2013 at 4:24 pmSheri Goff

    Love the idea of “grace.” You are doing a good thing for yourself and your children by finding ways to cope with the stress in your household. I had the “talk” at the beginning of every summer vacation about us being together 24/7 and not being used to that and that it meant we would aggravate each other but that we had to figure out how to get along. I gave the boys a silent signal they could use to let me know that they were losing it with me, their brother or with circumstances. It helped. We used the same signal when we were traveling and especially when visiting family and juggling seeing all those grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family in one WEEK! Hang in there with the teething……..

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