Since I skipped last week, I have loads and loads of goodies for you.

But first, I offer up this glorious burst of color from my 6-year-old.IMG_1212

Speaking of my kids, I made this Coconut Flour Zucchini Bread from Small Footprint Family and I am pretty sure they have never raved so much about any other Paleo-style treat I’ve made.  If you are looking for a nut-free treat, put this at the top of your list.

Speaking of nut-free, Zenbelly offers up these bits of brownie lusciousness.

I haven’t made them, but I thought these potato-free “tater tots” were a super idea.

It’s time for the pumpkin recipes to start appearing.  Elana Amsterdam’s paleo pumpkin bars leapt to the top of my to-do list.

We are huge fans of Primally Inspired’s recipes in this house, especially her “roll” cakes.  I love them because they are pretty simple to make and really low in sugar.  The kids love them because they are delicious beyond words.  So, I was excited to see her Pumpkin Roll pop into my newsfeed.  Her Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Cake also deserves a look.

This Vietnamese Style Chicken and Cabbage Salad from Urban Poser reminds me of a shredded lettuce and chicken salad that was all the rage in my sorority house in college.  I went to college at the height of the “low-fat” craze, and this salad was basically iceberg lettuce + shredded chicken breast + a soy dressing.  It came from a tiny Chinese spot by the campus and the servings were huge.  But you could eat a ton of it because, well, there wasn’t much to it.  (Volumetrics, anyone?)  It was yummy but nutritionally pretty lacking.  Urban Poser’s version is chock-full of good stuff.

Are you carrying your own load properly?

Research indicates that breastfeeding may be a deterrent to Alzheimer’s disease in moms.

My hubby and I have been known to argue a bit about the yard.  I have a zero tolerance policy for toxic chemicals in the yard or in the house.  He wishes our yard could be a bit more manicured. So I enjoyed reading this piece about how lush lawns are not natural because it helped me think differently about how I approach the land around our home.

Hip dysplasia and babies.  Here’s a great piece from a mom in the UK on what she wishes she had known about forward-facing baby carriers, swaddling and carseats.

And a final, but important thought … are you living your eulogy, or are you living your resume?

Hope you have a lovely fall weekend.  Pop in to let me know if you make any of these yummies!



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