DSC04852We recently had a birthday girl in the house.  My middle child, M, turned five and she requested a dolphin-themed pool party.  She’s my highly gluten intolerant girl and our guest list included our vegan friends and a mom with Celiac.  I feel so blessed that the folks at Dulce Vegan here in Atlanta can offer up beauties like these that are gluten free, soy free, nut-free, vegan and all-natural. I don’t take them for granted because here’s a picture of the birthday girl’s at-home celebration cake based on a recipe from Primally Inspired.  Don’t get me wrong – it was delish.  DSC05026But I am very glad that our guests got to eat something a bit more polished.

Between the birthday and the back-to-school transition, I have been a terrible blogger.  I’d love to say that’s changing soon, but I am actually going to pull back for the next few weeks to get a years-long project out the door.  I will still be very active on social media, though, so if you don’t already, follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  I post different pieces to each, so if you are on both those platforms, come find me.

Now, for the main event …

Continuing on the cake theme:

I know I throw a lot of sweets your way.  Just to be clear, these are not things we eat very often.  But I don’t want the fear of not being able to include fun food at a celebration to be what keeps someone from pursuing a gluten free lifestyle.

So, just in case what you’re hankering for is less cakey and more pie-like, check out Empowered Sustenance’s Chocolate Coconut Pie.

And, in case you’re planning any fall bonfires with s’mores, these grain-free graham crackers look amazing.

I have a tea drawer in my pantry and I had just become aware of the presence of “natural flavor” in some blends I own.  I need to do a thorough clean-out but I am glad that I waited because after reading this piece from Food Babe I will be extremely particular about what stays and what goes.

I, along with lots of folks interested in ideas around ancestral health, am kind of obsessed with the gut microbiome.  I shared this piece on the link between the gut and mental health earlier this week but it is worth sharing again.

Deficiencies in the B-vitamin family interest and intrigue me.  I mean, do you realize how prevalent the MTHFR gene mutation is that prevents proper processing?  This is a nice summary of B12 deficiencies which says that the issue is not limited to vegans and vegetarians as some people assume.

I love when folks develop Paleo and Primal versions of ethnic comfort foods, like this fun plantain meets sloppy joe dish.

As I mentioned on Facebook this week, I am very interested in the idea that certain types of exercise can induce hormone effects that provoke acne.  This study, which concludes:

Prolonged aerobic exercise induces short-term elevations in testosterone in trained eumenorrheic women, which appears unrelated to estrogen levels and menstrual cycle phase.

has given me much to consider.

Check out this cool lactation station that debuted at the Burlington, Vermont airport.  I hope this catches on!

Definitely don’t go away … I will still be around, just not pumping out lots of new content for a few weeks.


4 Responses to “Explore More : August 30th”

  1. on 30 Aug 2013 at 10:40 amKatherine

    I’m still working my way through links in previous “Explore More” posts, so I’ll be busy until you return to blogging, that’s for sure.

  2. on 30 Aug 2013 at 12:47 pmKristine Rudolph

    I may continue with the Friday posts, lest my links overwhelm me!

  3. on 31 Aug 2013 at 12:01 pmPeggy

    Hi Kristine,
    Love the recipes you posted! I can’t wait to make one! I can’t believe M turned 5!!! I had to leave a comment about the Burlington airport, since it is where I live! This airport also has a beautiful yoga and meditation room open to the public with fabulous yoga props, Jade mats, and suggested yoga sequences for neck, hips, back, etc. You should come visit me just to check out the airport! 🙂

  4. on 31 Aug 2013 at 2:57 pmKristine Rudolph

    Well, doesn’t that sound dreamy!

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