STARTING SEPTEMBER 18, 2016, I AM NOT ACCEPTING ANY NEW CLIENTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. (If you are a group class participant, you are not considered “new.”)

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Interested in Restorative Exercise? Not sure what it is? 

We all have movement patterns we’ve inherited in myriad ways – from our genes, from watching our caregivers move, from the activities and injuries we experienced as we grew. And some of those movement patterns prevent our body from moving as aligned and well as it could move. Enter, Restorative Exercise.

In Restorative Exercise, we guide you through a series of corrective exercises that enable you to move better in your body. We help you access the movement “nutrients” that your body needs.

Wait? Aren’t nutrients all about food? Well, yes and no. The conventional application of the term does apply to food, but at Nutritious Movement™ – the center through which I am certified – we learn all about the nutrients that a body needs throughout the day. If you’re curious and want to know more, you can visit Nutritious Movement’s “About” page.

While I am a certified personal trainer, this program steps outside of the conventional athletic paradigm. I won’t help you train for a marathon, run a PR, or lift a huge weight over your head. I will help you get to know your body better and tap into muscles and movement patterns you’ve likely long since abandoned.

Here are the services I offer:

Restorative Exercise Initial Consultation – $75 for 1.25 hours

This consultation is required before you can book any other service with me. We’ll run some diagnostics on your body to assess your movement patterns and ranges of motion. Then, we will pinpoint a few areas we want to address. With those goals in mind, you’ll get some homework and then schedule a follow up consultation in three to four weeks.

Location of your choice within a 10 mile driving range from 30307.

Restorative Exercise Consultation – $60 for 1 hour

After we’ve done our initial assessment and you’ve worked on a few areas, we’ll take a deeper dive into your movement patterns and ranges of motion. You’ll walk away with more homework, probably a little frustration and humility, and a new relationship with your body.

Location of your choice within a 10 mile driving range from 30307.

Restorative Exercise Small Group – $35 per person for 1.25 hours

All the benefits of a one-on-one consultation, but you’ll get to laugh and chat with your BFFs while you work. You can use a small group setting as your Initial Consultation.

Location of your choice within a 10 mile driving range from 30307.

Primal Power Walk – $50 for 1 hour

We’ll tap into the primal power you didn’t know you had! We’ll head out on a walk and assess your gait pattern. We’ll also squat, hang, push and pull, using nature or the “urban jungle” as much as possible.

Location of your choice within a 10 mile driving range from 30307.

“Move More at Work” Audit – $35 for a single audit

Trying to incorporate more movement into your day? I can teach you simple, low-cost effective ways to move more at work. You will complete a questionnaire and snap a few pics or take some video of your work space, email that to me and I will develop a plan for ways you can be more dynamic and less sedentary but still productive.

These audits are available for anyone, anywhere! Yay, internet!

“Move More at Work” Corporate Presentation – negotiable

You’ve heard the warning that “sitting is the new smoking,” right? But standing in an immobile position can be equally damaging to your tissues. After presenting the big picture problem, I offer practical, easy, low-cost ways that you and your employees can get more movement at work without disrupting productivity. 

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Restorative Exercise Workshops 

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