IMG_2466Longtime readers of this blog know nothing about me if they don’t know this one thing:

I love chocolate.

Not just any chocolate. I love very dark, high quality chocolate.

And I eat it. Every. Single. Day.

Since soy and dairy cause me some trouble, I have to be picky with my chocolates. And, since I try to limit the sugar in my life, which has caused my taste buds to veer towards the less sweet varieties, I can’t eat any old chocolate.

I adore this one that I order regularly from Amazon.

Since it’s soccer season, I haven’t been to my favorite farmers’ market in way too long. But a few weekends ago, D took the big kids to an out-of-town family event on a Saturday morning, so Little A and I hoofed it over to check out the offerings.

I found chocolate.

More specifically, I found XocolATL, a local, small batch chocolatier.

Are you going to laugh at me when I say that I teared up a smidge when I tasted their chocolate + coffee bar? (Because I did.)

Their chocolate is “made from cacao that is sustainably and ethically grown, harvested, fermented and sun-dried on small farms throughout the Americas and East Africa” as it says on their website here. As mentioned, some of their bars have added ingredients, but their plain chocolate bars contain just
IMG_2465cacao and cane sugar. They have no soy, no extra emulsifiers, and no dairy.* Unlike other bars that avoid emulsifiers, the texture of these bars is amazing.

I bought three. Although they are a little higher in sugar than I prefer, they were an amazing treat, produced a mere 4.2 miles from my house. (For you locals, they’re on Krog Street.)

Check out their Kickstarter video here. And, if you’re in Atlanta, head over to the Morningside Farmers Market on Saturdays to get the goods. (Spoiler alert: Try the coffee one.)

UPDATED 12.4.2105: XocolATL is now available online! Click here to be delivered to the portal of chocolatey goodness!

* That makes them vegan, gluten free, and all that jazz.

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