Baby A has hit the four-month sleep regression.

What that means is that she has transitioned from sleeping a good 5-6 hour stretch and then waking every 3 hours or so, to waking pretty much every hour.  Except for the night before last, when she decided that midnight to 3am was time to “part-ay.”  My girl would not go back down.  Consequently, this already-sleep-deprived mama got even less sleep than normal.

Sleep is a cornerstone of wellness.  About that there is little dispute.  And in the Paleo blogging / podcast world, there is a lot of information about the importance of sleep and how to get it:

  • Robb Wolf wrote about it here.  And here.
  • Chris Kresser wrote about it here.  And here.  And talked about it here.
  • And then there’s [amazon_link id=”0671038680″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]this book[/amazon_link], which I cannot bring myself to read yet because I know how much sleep I am not getting.
The fact is, now that I am on baby number three, I do know that the sleepless nights will end one day.  (And eventually be replaced with far scarier ones when they are teens and out with friends!)  So I am not frantic about making this end or under the illusion that there is anything I can do to force my child to sleep.  I also recognize that this is normal and healthy for her.
But, alas, I am still tired.
If I’ve learned anything along the motherhood way, it’s that when the baby hits these rockier phases, it’s best for me if I back off my normal routine a bit.  I am less ambitious about what I want to get done.  When I take a walk, I go at a slower pace.  I do not push myself through a strenuous workout, knowing that I will cause all sorts of metabolic stress that my body won’t have the ability to counter with restorative sleep.
My other key coping mechanism?  I warn my husband first thing in the morning that I have had a rough night.  You know, because forewarned is forearmed and sometimes … just sometimes … I get a wee cranky.
How do you handle those inevitable phases in life when your personal well-being has to take a back seat?


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