We have a fix-it-now mentality in our culture, right?

We want the doctor to give us a pill and for everything to go back to “normal” within a reasonable amount of time.

Part and parcel of that, is we expect the healing to come from the outside. We expect medical and healthcare professionals to offer us something that will “cure” us and we expect that “thing” to be external – a pill, a potion, a hot new workout program.

“Oh, so it’s THIS new product that will finally allow me to lose weight.”

We’re shifting paradigms a lot around here, and I want to nudge our collective thinking in a decidedly different way.

Recovery. Wellness. Restoration.

They take time.

You may alleviate a symptom swiftly with a single intervention (and that can be powerful and important) but it’s not likely your body has fully recovered or healed.

Restoring tissues that have been misused or diseased for many years will be a PROCESS. Not an EVENT.

In the middle of a psoas release, I told my class today that I’ve been rehabbing my psoas for six years now. I’m still not where I want to be. My psoas isn’t yet the juicy, vibrant muscle I need.

But it’s light years away from where it was when I started this journey.

Patience. Diligence. Resilience. Determination. Exploration. Work. Self-love. Self-awareness. Self-care.

They’ll all take you farther than the “fabulous” new product, diet, workout or pill will.

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