My son turned six this month and we hosted a super-fun birthday party for him and his friends.  Entertainer Tone Lane a/k/a “Mr. Tone” dazzled and amazed the kiddos.

When you eat like we do, hosting friends and large events can be something of a challenge.  I want to be a gracious host and I want our friends to enjoy our fare, but I also want to stay true to our values.  I want my kids to have fun but I don’t want them to think we need to sacrifice our health to enjoy ourselves.

So, for kids’ parties, I usually end up drawing some lines.  I don’t serve gluten.  I don’t serve artificial dyes or flavors.  The only grain I typically offer is corn and I try to be careful to get organic corn products because corn is heavily GMO.  I offer lots of fresh fruit and veggies.  And, I rely on the skilled folks at Dulce Vegan to provide real food cupcakes that are gluten free, soy free, and vegan.

Here are some examples of how it all went down this year:

We had some fruit … and, yes, I have some “punny” labels.  Because good-for-you-food is even better for you when it makes you smile, no?




And we had some veggies –



We had some dip –



And a mixture of pure, unapologetic fun … Houdini Mix!  As in, it disappears before your very eyes –


We enjoyed deli meats and some cheese for our protein –



And, of course, the aforementioned yummies from Dulce Vegan –







As the magic show began, we offered the kids popcorn from my friend Kevin’s store, CaJa Popcorn.  The facility is nut-free (except, as Kevin will tell you, when he’s there!), and uses high-quality ingredients.  We opted for Kettle Corn because we were entertaining vegan guests and wanted to make sure they didn’t miss out on the popcorn.


I felt good about what I offered the kids to eat.  They all seemed to have a good time.  And, heaven help anyone who went home hungry!




3 Responses to “We Had a Magical Birthday Party”

  1. on 24 Apr 2013 at 10:54 amCourtney M.

    Why does serving “real food” to a crowd seem like such a brave thing to do? Your food is simply beautiful, wholesome, and very inviting! Cheers~ Thanks for the happy post.

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  3. on 26 Apr 2013 at 4:20 pmDanita

    I am so sorry we missed this party, but not as much as S! That evil stomach bug got the best of us that week. Your parties are always among the very few that we can attend and actually be able to eat something! I am often surprised by how few people even consider food allergies or dietary differences at parties, but maybe I am just more aware of those things in my old age. Obviously, I don’t expect food to be made specifically vegan or gluten free because we don’t live in that sort of world. However, it does seem that having a veggie or fruit tray, like so many of my friends did when their children were turning one, would not be such an unusual thing to offer. Anyway, from classroom snacks to birthday parties, you always knock it out of the park with the food you provide and I want to say, “thank you!”

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