I enjoy a lovely nighttime routine.  I take a warm bath, read a magazine while soaking and then I tiptoe past my sleeping baby and head to our closet.  It’s not huge but it is big enough for me to do a few stretches before I climb into bed.

I’d like to share two of my favorite bedtime stretches with you.  The first uses gravity to open up your chest and shoulders.  All you need is plenty of space to stretch your full wingspan and your entire height.  You also need either a foam roller (this is the one I’m using) or a nice thick towel that you roll up.

Here’s what to do:

Chest Stretch

For the second stretch, you need an obstacle free wall.

Clock Chest Stretch

Thanks to my friends at Vista Yoga for teaching me this stretch.  It’s fantastic for nursing moms whose chests have gotten super tight.

I hope that you will enjoy both of these stretches.  I’ll share some lower body bedtime stretches another day.

(Many thanks to my cameraman.  Hopefully next time we’ll get our “I’m done” cues synced up before we roll tape!)

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