See these two cans of paint?


They’ve been on my back porch for about two months now.

Here’s what I think when I see them:

Ugh. I can’t believe the painters just left those cans of paint there. There’s paint all over the cement now. Why didn’t they just take them? I don’t want them. By the time I would need to touch up, they’d have gone bad anyway.

I asked D to get rid of them. To put kitty litter in them and let them dry out then stick them in recycling. I keep asking him but he still doesn’t do it. Do I ask him yet again and be a total nag? Or do I not ask him? If I don’t ask him, they’ll just sit there. But then again, I bug him so much already. 

Is our relationship becoming defined by me asking him to do things? Is that all I am to him? A taskmaster? But seriously, I need help around here and if he doesn’t help me, who will?

God, I’m tired

I guess I could try to do it all myself. But OMG. Little A? She would either get into the paint. Or the kitty litter. Or both. Probably both. She would totally eat the kitty litter. And get paint on the driveway. And all over her.

But she would totally eat the kitty litter and I would have to call poison control. Do I even have the poison control number anywhere? How have I been a mom for seven years and not had the poison control number on my speed dial? I’m a horrible mom.

Here’s what my kids think when they see them:

Oh look. Two cans of paint.

My goal: I’m trying to be more like my kids.


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3 Responses to “Two Cans of Paint”

  1. on 29 Sep 2014 at 9:31 pmSheri Goff

    Ah, yes. This was me many times over the years. I would have moved the cans of paint here and there several times until ???? Back in the day there was no way to dispose of paint. Now aren’t there places to take the paint? Take Little A for a nice ride and drop off the paint. OR, does a place like Habitat for Humanity welcome a paint donation? You are so totally NOT a bad Mom. Just what you articulate here in this post shows that. You are thinking it all through. Trying to deal. Every day brings life’s little complications like cans of paint. You can conquer the cans of paint.

  2. on 29 Sep 2014 at 10:06 pmKristine Rudolph

    Or, I can just look at them and see paint. And have a more peaceful mind. Which I would prefer.

  3. on 29 Sep 2014 at 10:18 pmSheri Goff

    That works also!

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