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I first introduced you to Katy Bowman in this post.  Let me here and now declare my undying love for her.  She says what no one else out there is saying, and that is a difficult thing to do.

We shouldn’t all be doing Kegels all the time?  Blasphemous.

Here’s the thing – she has loads of science on her side.

(Don’t you want to go back and read those posts, now?  I’ll wait.)

I have Katy’s DVD, “[amazon_link id=”B004FCWHPA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Down There for Women[/amazon_link].”  One of the exercises on it is called the “Pelvic List.”  Here’s Katy’s video explaining how to do it:

Katy Bowman’s Pelvic List

Simple, right?

I cued it up in a class I taught a few weeks ago, and afterwards a class member approached me with a question.

“I did Kegels while we did that exercise,” she said.  “Why wouldn’t you cue a Kegel for the class?  Do you feel funny doing that?”

My dad was a urologist.  That means when I was growing up, we talked about vasectomies at dinner and he had a ginormous drawing of the male reproductive anatomy over his desk.

No.  I’m not squeamish about the word “Kegel.”  I just don’t believe that women need to be doing them.

(See the above posts.)

I explained that I would  rather see women doing the natural movements their bodies were made to do, thereby strengthening their entire hip/pelvis region and keeping their pelvic floor taut and supple.  That’s why I emphasize glute and hamstring recruiting squats.  That’s why I aim to get full range of motion through as many joints as I can.  And, that’s why I cue exercises like Katy Bowman’s pelvic list.

This class member agreed with me that that is ideal, but asked about the women who don’t have the strength to be doing squats and such.

“Tell me something,” I asked her.  “Were you purposely doing Kegels when I cued that exercise?”

“No,” she said.

“So it just happened by virtue of the movement you were doing?  You know, the movement we are all supposed to be doing when we walk?”

She smiled in recognition.

“Yeah.  It just happened.”

When we use those Amazing Machines the way they were designed to be used, you see, real magic happens.

(Katy also has an app on iTunes with all her “Down there for Women” exercises on it.  I have and love it!)




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