I hope you enjoyed the first part of the Exploring Wellness Holiday Wish List.  Here are some more wellness wishes from my blog readers.
The Vegetarian Yoga Instructor
PP is a vegetarian, full-time teacher, and part-time yoga instructor.  Her “dream gift?”
… a juicer so I can make delicious and nutritious vegetable and fruit smoothies for my breakfast.
She would also like “eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaners and/or body care products.”  Notably, she’d like products from local artisans.  But no “candles or floral scents – uucchhh!”  I am right there with you on that, PP, for so many reasons.  And, check out Northern Essence to see if their products fit the bill!
PP also wants some gift cards: a class pass to a yoga studio and a massage or acupuncture gift  card.
Finally, for the “die-hard” yogis, she recommends:
[amazon_link id=”0974410608″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Go In and In: Poems from the Heart of Yoga[/amazon_link] and says:
I LOVE this book! I read poems for it regularly in yoga classes, and turn to it often when I need some inspiration.
[amazon_link id=”B000A1GEUE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Paul Grilley’s DVD, Anatomy for Yoga[/amazon_link] and says:
It is a 4hr DVD lecture going through excellent biomechanics.
PP knows I’m a sucker for some good anatomy.
(Wait, that didn’t come out quite the way I had intended!)
The Mom of Three with Kids on the GAPS Protocol
If you are not familiar with the GAPS Protocol, you may not know what a hefty responsibility it is for the person feeding those on GAPS.  MK is one such person and her wish list includes:
I wish for a week-long vacation, somewhere tropical, where we have a personal chef that I do not have to educate, that provides meals that my whole family can enough and they all love.  This chef also packs picnics and snacks for when we go on adventures, and possibly most importantly does the shopping and cleans everything up.   A bonus would be if all supplements we normally take are there too and we don’t have to pack them.
Oh, that sounds lovely.  And, as someone who packs coolers of food for every road trip, I can absolutely relate.
MK adds that she’d settle for a GAPS personal chef for a week!  I’m sensing a business opportunity for someone, here.
She’d also like a one year supply of raw organic walnuts and almonds that are already
soaked and dehydrated (a must fort he GAPS protocol) and “A huge jacuzzi type bathtub to replace the hobbit bathtub in my new house so that we can resume taking detox baths regularly.”
The Working Full-Time “Running Mom” of One
KF works full-time and has one small child.  She recently completed her first marathon.  She’s thinking about moving on to triathlons, and would love to get a bike for the holidays.
Like another responder, she’d love a copy of [amazon_link id=”1936608936″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Paleo Comfort Foods[/amazon_link].  Speaking of food, she’d like “raised beds” for her veggies, fruits and herbs next spring.  She was the only person to mention gardening items and I hope the mention will spur others to consider them.  Locally in Atlanta, Farmer Ds is a terrific source for organic gardening materials and they make beautiful raised beds.  I was lucky enough to marry a man who built me one.  I’m pretty sure KFs hubby could do the same.  (Hint, hint!)
She’d also like a Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer Bra, some yoga classes, and a steamer insert for her All-Clad pot.
She wants to get her husband a foam roller. [amazon_link id=”B003TKUVAC” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] I love the ones from SPRI[/amazon_link].
The Mom of Two and Part-Time Entrepreneur
JC is a mom of two and an entrepreneur in the fitness field.  When I queried her for her wishes, she hit the nail on the head when she replied that everything she could come up with just involved having more time.
Amen, JC.
My Wish List?
Alas, although I am energized and inspired by your wishes, I haven’t nailed down my wish list as a result.  Like JC, my desires tend to be of the more nebulous sort.  I think the only real tangible wish I have is for an option for studio-quality yoga classes with high quality childcare.  Right now, the only opportunities I have for yoga involve joining a very pricey big box gym, or stealing away to a class leaving my already overworked hubby to wrangle three kids while I am gone.  (It hasn’t happened in the five months since Baby A was born.)  I have heard rumors that these opportunities exist in the Atlanta suburbs, but I need a good intown option.  If I’m missing any place that offers this, please let me know in the comments!
I would also love to dive into fermentation, so I’d like some supplies.  Maybe a Pickl-It or a [amazon_link id=”B001QFGZ2U” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]sauerkraut crock[/amazon_link]?  (If you have one you love, leave it in the comments for me!)
I am always on the hunt for dry-weave or other performance fabric shirts that are long in the torso.  I’ve recently had good luck with ones from New Balance, but I wear them out, so I am always looking for great new ones.  Any leads?
Above all, I wish for you all to enjoy a lovely holiday season filled with the right mix of activity and stillness.
Many thanks to those of you who shared your holiday wishes.  Didn’t get your list in to me in time?  Add it in the comments section.
Happy holidays!

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