There’s no acne follow-up today.  Yesterday was go-go-go and today is no different.  The acne post will require a bit of research to pull together various sources on which I have relied over the years, so I want to take time to do it properly.

Meanwhile, just a bit of reflection.

Sunday, I felt off.  Not sick.  Just kind of off.

I was a crank-a-saurus and fussed at my husband for no reason.  I teach on Sunday mornings and as I began class I had a wave of, “Can I really get up here and do this today?”

My joints were also achy and I just presumed I had eaten something that caused some inflammation.  My joints are a key barometer for me as to whether or not a food is fueling my body or attacking it.

I was also a tad spacey.  Again, I wasn’t sick with definable symptoms.  Just a little off my game.

Sunday afternoon, my eldest child (5) developed a fever.  He complained that his legs were hurting him, to the point that my husband and I noticed him limping when he walked.  He was up and down all night with a pretty nasty fever.  I kept him home from school Monday and by late afternoon he had recovered.

At dinner Monday, I asked him if he had any symptoms he could name.  He said his stomach hurt but not like he was going to throw up, he had a headache, his knees hurt, and  he felt “like I wasn’t here but I wasn’t there or anywhere.”  He waved his hands around to show me.

I call it spacey.

I have come to realize, five years into this parenting gig, that almost every time one of my children gets a wacky virus, if I reflect on my experiences prior to their sickness, chances are I would say I had been under the weather, spacey, achy, or something along those lines.

I believe that I felt icky on Sunday because my body was fighting whatever virus it was that eventually felled my little man.

My takeaway?

I need to be more gracious with myself when I feel off.  Instead of berating myself for not having my head in the game, I should rest as much as is possible.  I need to give my immune system as much support as I can on those days.  It’s probably working pretty hard on my behalf.  The least I can do is be kind to it.

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