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This week’s art installment comes courtesy of my five-year old, M. These are my kind of snowflakes because I can enjoy without any of the side effects that cold weather brings. Surely I am not the only one feeling like she needs to unfurl her body after cold, icy, snowy, or illness-filled days? My friends in […]

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No intro today … too much to share! I think my hubby thought I was off my rocker when we had kids and I would nag him about what our baby’s bowel movements looked like.  Now, he knows to report without me even asking.  Your BMs have so much to say about your health!  Get […]

On February 12th, physical therapist Julie Wiebe published a letter on her blog.  It was addressed to the coach at a gymnastics facility where her daughter had recently taken a lesson. Julie begins by complimenting the coach on a good program, but adds some concern about the “strength training” portion of the class.  She lays […]