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Critical thought. It’s probably the unifying theme to this blog. I apply it to the subjects that interest me the most: nutrition, wellness, emotional well-being, parenting, birth and pregnancy, breastfeeding, movement, relationships, the media’s perspectives on women and mothering … and more. I thought it would be fun today to share with you a list […]

I’ve got lots for you this week.  Let’s dive in! If you asked me whether or not I had good mobility in my thoracic spine (basically the part from the bottom of your neck down to the lower back) I would tell you it was just fine.  But when I tried the first rotation from […]

I hope you enjoyed the first part of the Exploring Wellness Holiday Wish List.  Here are some more wellness wishes from my blog readers. The Vegetarian Yoga Instructor PP is a vegetarian, full-time teacher, and part-time yoga instructor.  Her “dream gift?” … a juicer so I can make delicious and nutritious vegetable and fruit smoothies […]

I enjoy a lovely nighttime routine.  I take a warm bath, read a magazine while soaking and then I tiptoe past my sleeping baby and head to our closet.  It’s not huge but it is big enough for me to do a few stretches before I climb into bed. I’d like to share two of […]