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Top Posts from 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, I wanted to share my most-viewed posts once again. I think they may surprise you. Please share your favorites in the comments, on Facebook or via Twitter! Let me know what you love so I can bring you  more of it. Drumroll, please … The most popular posts of […]

Lemon Parsley Chicken

Of all the proteins I serve them, my kids enjoy chicken the least. My go-to quick meal often involves a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods and the kids usually gripe and complain about it.  Same with my whole smoked chickens and baked chicken parts (which, incidentally are basted in duck fat* and I happen to think […]

Bacon & Leek Cauliflower

I’ve had lots of interest in the Garlic Scape & Sweet Onion Cauliflower recipe I posted earlier this summer.  Unfortunately, garlic scapes are not readily available for everyone and they are definitely a seasonal product. Today I offer a similar recipe.  The flavor profile is along the same lines … garlic scapes embody a garlicky-type of […]

Pesto Chicken Zusketti

You guys know I have three kids, and I have alluded to the fact that my two “bigs” are wildly different eaters.  My daughter, M, who is almost 5, despises anything creamy – hummus, guacamole, yogurt, nut butters.  As in, when my son eats yogurt she gets up from the table so she doesn’t have […]

I’ve been all sorts of sick since Friday night.  Two of the kids have come down with it, too, to varying degrees, but I am far and away the sickest. (Perhaps that has something to do with being sleep-deprived?  Hmmm.) Anyhow, I haven’t held down solid food since Friday, and yet those little kids just […]

As promised in yesterday’s post, here are Sarah’s gorgeous Whole 30 meals and goodies.  I know that she would be happy to reply to questions you have for her in the comments, so if you want to know something, ask away and she will either reply directly or in a future blog post. Moroccan Meatballs […]

My friend Sarah is an unabashed foodie.  A former colleague, she used to write a fabulous blog about food, restaurants, and entertaining and I loved, loved, loved reading it.  (Hint, hint, Sarah!) I left our mutual place of employment when my first child was born but thanks to social media, Sarah has remained in my […]