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It’s astounding when you stop to consider the revolution that social media has spawned. We organize our lives differently now compared to a mere five years ago. Our sources of information have profoundly changed. How we relate to peers, loved ones and strangers is unique as compared to any other time in human history. And, […]

(There are affiliate links in here. If you click on it and then buy from Amazon, I will get a few cents from your purchase. Or dollars if you are a high roller. It helps justify my blogging and you don’t pay any more than normal, so thanks.) I turned 40 last week. Between the […]

I don’t have a coherent post for you today, just a mishmash of various wellness-related thoughts I have stewing in my brain. Last night, in my dream, I did a Google search.  I have now Facebooked, Tweeted and Googled in my dreams.  Clearly, technology has invaded our consciousness in ways we cannot even comprehend. I […]