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I’ve been a bit AWOL from the blog and social media this week.  My bigs are on Fall Break and I’ve been hanging with them as much as I can. But I still have lots of great stuff for you this week, so let’s go. Katy Bowman offers up a winter version of her popular […]

Last year, I made Living Paleo’s Sweet Potato Bacon and Egg Salad for our Fourth of July picnic.  It was delicious, but being someone who can’t leave well-enough alone, I decided to play with the flavor a bit this year and create my own version. As I mentioned in my Explore More post on the 5th, our […]

I’ve been all sorts of sick since Friday night.  Two of the kids have come down with it, too, to varying degrees, but I am far and away the sickest. (Perhaps that has something to do with being sleep-deprived?  Hmmm.) Anyhow, I haven’t held down solid food since Friday, and yet those little kids just […]

I wanted to talk a little about the reality of baking with whole foods as ingredients and today’s recipe provides a great opportunity. When you bake with processed flours, you are essentially getting the exact same product every single time.  Food producers employ quality control measures to ensure that buying a pound of flour on […]

I teach a stroller fitness class every Wednesday.  This past Wednesday we held a Thanksgiving potluck after class.  We had a great time with gobs of babies and toddlers underfoot, lots of food (lots and lots of food!), and a hefty dose of gratitude for the fellowship that our class provides. On Tuesday night, I […]