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Unambiguous Loss

My dad died on Wednesday. If you recall from my mom’s posts about being his caregiver (see below for links to these*), my dad was very sick for a very long time. He was diagnosed with Stage IV nasopharyngeal adenocarcinoma in September 2003. The diagnosing physician at Vanderbilt University shook his hand and asked if he’d […]

(This post contains affiliate links. If you buy via these links, you will pay the same price as you would if you went straight to Amazon, but you help offset some of my blogging expenses. Thanks!) Before I launch into any content today, just a little plea … if you’ve read my book, [amazon_link id=”B00GEKA0X2″ target=”_blank” […]

For folks who have engaged in scientific research, read scientific journals, or done any work with statistics, “n=1” makes sense.  If you don’t fall in any of those categories, you may be wondering, “What’s this n=1 business, anyway, and what does it have to do with the food that I eat?” The letter “n” refers […]

Things have been crazy at my house the past few weeks and so I’ve not been able to blog as much as I would like.  In the meanwhile, however, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring you a guest post from David Bunnell, Media Chief at Unfrazzle. Unfrazzle is a new app designed […]

Today’s installment of The Caregiver Series combines two of my great passions: caregiving and entrepreneurialism. I first heard about Liz Emery and her business, Liz & Ett, in an article by former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan that ran in my local paper, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  (I couldn’t find the link to the Atlanta version, but this […]

Over the past few weeks, my mother Sally has shared the story of caregiving for my father who was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in 2003 and then suffered a massive, debilitating stroke in 2008.  He requires ’round-the-clock care which she provides exclusively.  If you missed her recollections, you can catch up here: The Caregiver […]

Yesterday’s guest post from Sally concluded her recollections in The Caregiver Series, but our conversation about some of the issues she shared won’t end any time soon.  Next week, look for a post from me with some perspective on what watching my parents has taught me. One of the most challenging aspects to my father’s […]

In this final guest post from Sally, she talks about her new life and the necessity for caring for herself both physically and emotionally. What the Caregiver Needs – A Guest Post from Sally Eventually my husband and I got into a routine and things settled down.  We found our “new normal.”  Then, invariably, out of […]

In today’s installment from The Caregiver Series, Sally talks about those first moments and days after her husband had a massive stroke and her transition from wife to “enraged caregiver” and fierce advocate. The Death of a Brain – A Guest Post by Sally I had never been around a person who had had a […]

It’s Monday, so that brings us another opportunity to explore the role of caregiving through Sally’s story.  Last week, she shared the story of her husband’s cancer diagnosis and treatment.  This week she shares what life was like post-treatment. Normal Becomes a Beautiful Word – A Guest Post by Sally My husband adored the loving […]