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New Year’s Gifts

Do you struggle with the concept of a New Year’s Resolution? Do you buckle under the pressure of obligation? Does having a bevy of “shoulds” hanging over your head dampen any sense of excitement you have about beginning a fresh, new year? Maybe your answer is, “No.” Maybe you thrive on setting goals, big or […]

We have a fix-it-now mentality in our culture, right? We want the doctor to give us a pill and for everything to go back to “normal” within a reasonable amount of time. Part and parcel of that, is we expect the healing to come from the outside. We expect medical and healthcare professionals to offer […]

My friend Monica at High Heels and High Chairs (Do you read her blog? You should.) posted a link to the story about Facebook’s “research” on whether news feeds affect what users post. Monica said it reminded her of our social media trigger discussion. It’s almost too much to bear, is it not? I mean, we’ve […]

Letting It Go

What parent among us is not suffering from lunacy on this Presidents’ Day, 2014? If you are on the east coast, you have likely endured an above average number of “snow days,” and I use the term loosely because it is not a foregone conclusion here in the ATL that a snow day will actually […]

I hope your holidays were the right blend of fun, noise, mess and peace, warmth, and rest. Or, at the very least, you are going to be able to catch up on some rest this weekend. I had a couple of friends go through some really emotionally-trying, challenging life events over the holiday so for […]

Explore More : April 26th

We just turned over our garden and I have kale and collards coming out my nose and ears!  We’ve planted basil, fennel, cucumbers and some squashes in our plot so far this season.  My withering oregano, thyme and parsley have come back to life after a few weeks of spring rains and my mint is […]

If you follow this blog, you know I am a rabid fan of the Balanced Bites podcast with Liz Wolfe and Diane Sanfilippo.  I have about six podcasts I regularly download but this one always gets first priority. I love Liz and Diane for their wisdom about nutrition but also for their authenticity and warmth. […]

It’s the time of year when people take to the blogosphere and social media and declare things like: “I hate New Year’s resolutions!” “Resolutions are stupid!” “Time to make another set of resolutions I won’t be keeping.” And psychologists, counselors, life coaches, and weight loss specialists take to the morning shows and pipe in with: […]

On Friday, after the news from Sandy Hook Elementary had taken hold of our collective consciousness, I wrote the following on my Facebook page: In the wake of this horrific day, please be mindful of how you fill your mind and spirit. Just because we have a 24 hour news cycle doesn’t mean you have […]

In this final guest post from Sally, she talks about her new life and the necessity for caring for herself both physically and emotionally. What the Caregiver Needs – A Guest Post from Sally Eventually my husband and I got into a routine and things settled down.  We found our “new normal.”  Then, invariably, out of […]