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New participants to my classes may be a tad dismayed to learn in their one hour devoted to exercise, they’re asked to do things called, “Unload the Dishwasher,” “Switch Out the Laundry,” and “Pick Up the Baby.” It’s not that I don’t know technical “exercise” terms. It’s that I want my clients to think less […]

Have you seen the latest information about Alzheimer’s disease and Vitamin E? A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that high levels of Vitamin E may cause a less rapid decline in functional capabilities in people with early Alzheimer’s. The researchers were conservative in their conclusion: Among patients with mild to […]

For folks who have engaged in scientific research, read scientific journals, or done any work with statistics, “n=1” makes sense.  If you don’t fall in any of those categories, you may be wondering, “What’s this n=1 business, anyway, and what does it have to do with the food that I eat?” The letter “n” refers […]

I’ve never explained the situation in full detail, but I have made reference to a chronic pain situation that I have in my right pelvis/psoas/hip area. The MDs, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturist, and movement specialists that I saw were never able to fully “diagnose” me with a single cause for my pain.  No one can […]

Last week, we met Katie Timp who shared her father’s ALS diagnosis.  This week, Katie offers more of her family’s journey with this illness. As you may recall from last week, Katie received a graduate school scholarship that contractually bound her to remain in New York City upon graduation.  Faced with her father’s diagnosis, she […]

Acne, Dairy & Me

Last week, I shared the beginning of my acne journey.  Today, I share the next major stepping stone in my quest for clear skin: discovering the link between dairy and my acne. As an adult, my acne has been pretty consistent – always one to ten cystic lesions along with some minor blackheads and whiteheads. […]