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My blog title is kind of a spoiler, no? It’s just that I have worked so very long and hard to get the audio version of my novel, The Myth of Jake, out to you, that I couldn’t wait a single second longer to share the news. (By the way, this post is filled with […]

I wrote a post for you guys last night. It was good, but then I started to think too much about it and decided it was bad. Or, not bad, but not ready. So I held off and, instead, you get this mishmash of thoughts. None is sufficient to develop into a full post, at […]

One of my favorite alignment bloggers, Barbara Loomis, recently published a list of the books that have most impacted her thinking on issues of wellness.  You can find it here.  She’s got some great ones listed, and I look forward to exploring them. I so enjoyed reading Barbara’s list that I thought I would do […]