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The more I’ve learned about the human body, and the longer I’ve lived in mine, the more I’ve come to reject our culture’s notions of what it means to be “fit” and “healthy.” I could explain it a lot of ways, but it can be easily summed up by saying I no longer look at pictures […]

(There is an affiliate link in this post to my own book. If you click through and buy something, you will support my blogging and writing efforts. So, thanks!) Over the weekend, I listened to another amazing interview from “On Being” and Krista Tippett. Her conversation was with theoretical physicist and professor Brian Greene, and although […]

What If

What If: Instead of being afraid to eat the wrong thing, you took pleasure in eating all the right things? Instead of being hungry all the time, you felt satiated and satisfied all day long? Instead of feeling like you “deserve” to eat treat after a meal because you were “good,” you giggled with pleasure […]