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Salmon Fennel Cakes

Bone-in, fatty fish rock. Let me count the ways: calcium, Omega-3 fatty acids, easy storage. I could go on. I have no trouble downing bone-in sardines and other tiny fish, and I have many recipes using them, too. (Like this one for Sardine Mayo, this one for a Sardine Scramble and this one for a Simply Sardine Salad.) […]

Last week I promised to share some of the amazingness that was the Ancestral Health Symposium 2013.  My *plan* is to share a little with you every day this week, all the while being aware that the best laid plans often go astray. One of the hottest presentations was delivered Thursday by Will Lassek, M.D. […]

Yesterday, I wrote about my experiences logging my food intake over the course of fifteen days from January 22nd to February 5th of this year.  I discussed two behavioral takeaways – 1) that accurately recalling what you ate is a very challenging task; and, 2) that when I got caught up in how many calories I […]

Getting Fishy With It

I love fish, and was beyond thrilled to catch (get it … catch?) Chris Kresser’s recent podcast interview with Dr. Nicholas Ralston explaining that the fears about mercury exposure through the consumption of ocean fish are largely unfounded.  It’s a great interview and I encourage you to listen, but suffice it to say that Dr. Ralston’s […]