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(I have affiliate links in here. If you buy through them then you help me pay for my blog’s expenses. Thank you!) Yesterday, I told you about Liz Wolfe’s fab book, Eat the Yolks and shared quotes from the introduction and Chapter 1 on Fat. Today, I am serving up more of Liz’s goodness. This time, from the […]

I knew it was coming.  My son’s kindergarten class was tackling “Health & Nutrition,” and that meant he would be faced with information that was contrary to what he and I have discussed about healthful eating.  Today was the first day of this new unit and at dinner (lamb chops, mustard turnips, collards and a […]

Remember last fall, when I introduced you to Daphne, who made the amazing soups we found at the Bluffton, SC Farmers’ Market?  Back then, I told you she would be opening her own cafe on Hilton Head Island in the future. Well, she’s open and we got to visit her this week! We stopped in […]

I think it’s probably time to say a little something about the type of recipes you are likely to see from me.  If you’ve read my posts on why I eat the way I do here and here, you have a sense of what I avoid eating. But when I cook, I don’t focus much […]