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Explore More : May 16th

Last week, the head of school at my kids’ school announced at our weekly assembly that there were only three more weeks remaining in the year. The kids cheered. The parents gasped. As Rusty, the dad of one of my son’s pals, said, “There’s a lot of culmination going on in those three weeks, folks.” […]

Explore More : May 2nd

(There’s an affiliate link in here. If you buy, I benefit.) Let’s say, speaking hypothetically, if a blogger spends her one free hour a day crafting a blog post that matters to her, publishes said post the next day, and then posts a link to Facebook where less than 10% of her “likes” actually view it, […]

Explore More : June 14th

My yard is overgrown with hydrangeas right now, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I love the way that certain varieties will change color, depending on the acidity of the soil.  But mostly, I just love how they look and I could sit and stare at my front yard all day. (If I didn’t […]

I’m not one for fads.  Not in fashion, nor in fitness. When it comes to fashion, I have neither the time nor the disposable income to be buying what’s “hot” right now.  I prefer well-constructed, classic pieces that will last me a few seasons. When it comes to fitness, I look for much the same […]