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(Today’s post is the first of many I plan to write about wellness in the civic sphere.  After last year’s election, and in the wake of a variety of tragic events, I worry about our ability as a society to engage in healthy, provocative, respectful civil discourse.  It’s a topic I plan to visit from […]

Saying Grace

We’ve been talking a lot about grace at our house this week.  Not the “thanking God before you eat” kind of grace, but the offering of clemency kind of grace. Here’s the deal: Baby A’s been teething which means that her already wakeful little self is waking even more.  Plus, she’s had a red, raw […]

Remember my post on sleeping?  Or, not sleeping, as it were? Well, recently, things have gone from bad to worse. Sweet Baby A has decided that she really wants to wake up and party from about 3am to 5am every morning.  This would be in addition to her regularly nightly wakings.  She doesn’t want to […]