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I turned forty last month, and shortly after my birthday, I had an amazing conversation with some of my Sunday class regulars just after the class had ended. (Incidentally, why are post-workout conversations so fabulous? Is it that we know we should be elsewhere, moving on with our day? Is it the rush of endorphins […]

We recently had a birthday girl in the house.  My middle child, M, turned five and she requested a dolphin-themed pool party.  She’s my highly gluten intolerant girl and our guest list included our vegan friends and a mom with Celiac.  I feel so blessed that the folks at Dulce Vegan here in Atlanta can […]

Holy Hormones!

It’s July 2013 and since July 2006, I have been pregnant, nursing or both for all but eight months. Holy hormones! I tend to have the mindset that right now, I am experiencing something unusual and “other” and that once I am done nursing Baby A, then my body can get back to “normal” or […]

Acne. Ugh.

(It’s Wednesday and that usually means we Explore More.  But I have decided to move that feature to Fridays, so you get a plain-Jane post from me today.) In my posts about Why I Eat the Way I Do I said that the acne issue deserved more space than I could spare then, and that I […]

It’s Thanksgiving Week and I am hosting family and friends.  I love, love, love cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  And I love, love, love collecting Thanksgiving recipes!  Here are a few I have found this week and am eager to try: First, for a little Pumpkin-Pa-Looza.  You have this Pumpkin Crepe Cake from I Breathe I’m Hungry.  And […]