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Kale & Apple Salad

I went to a catered lunch meeting a few weeks ago. Those words – “catered lunch meeting” – normally mean I will go without food for the duration of the event. Whether it’s a sandwich lunch or salads with croutons, gluten is normally on the menu and it’s just easier for me to eat when […]

Since Little A is STILL. NOT. SLEEPING. (Pause for a long, deep sigh.) my hubby is the one who preps breakfast for the bigs on most days. But, this Saturday, he crawled into bed after one in the morning following a very long day of work.  So, despite a crazy night of not-sleeping, I was […]

Real Food for Real Life

One of the biggest obstacles to eating real food, well-prepared is time.  I find that it’s a little easier to manage in the summer when we have loads of bright, fresh veggies at our fingertips.  We can just toss them together for a salad, skewer them for some kabobs, or cut them up and eat […]