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You know how Amazon offers those subscriptions for items it suspects you might need on an ongoing basis?  Well, Amazon helpfully suggested I subscribe to ketchup. Yep – ketchup. My middle child, M, eats a metric ton of it. Because she consumes so much of it, I buy only ketchup with really, really high quality […]

My kids were out of school on Halloween and the following day for Teacher Conferences.  It was fun to have that time together and also a blessing that we didn’t have to wake them for school on the day after trick-or-treating. The trouble is, even though the kids weren’t at school, we still had to […]

I am super excited to offer up a new giveaway and I hope you guys will take advantage of it! If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen posts I’ve shared from my friend Carmen Hunter. Carmen epitomizes the word “passion” when it comes to helping people feel better and live to their fullest.  After […]

Family “Feast”

Long ago, I wrote about one of my family’s favorite dinner rituals – Salad Night.  Another of our absolute favorites is something we call “Feast.” D and I started this tradition many, many years ago now.  We would usually shop together and just wander around the market selecting quick, easy, fresh, seasonal, eat-with-your-hands kinds of […]

Are your kiddos back in school yet?  Mine start Monday and as I joked with a friend on Facebook the other day, I’ve pretty much planned enough to keep me busy until 2015 or so. Just the list of phone calls I need to make is rather staggering.  It’s just not something I can do […]

As promised in yesterday’s post, here are Sarah’s gorgeous Whole 30 meals and goodies.  I know that she would be happy to reply to questions you have for her in the comments, so if you want to know something, ask away and she will either reply directly or in a future blog post. Moroccan Meatballs […]

My friend Sarah is an unabashed foodie.  A former colleague, she used to write a fabulous blog about food, restaurants, and entertaining and I loved, loved, loved reading it.  (Hint, hint, Sarah!) I left our mutual place of employment when my first child was born but thanks to social media, Sarah has remained in my […]

Explore More : March 1st

Whew!  It’s been a really insane few weeks in my world.  I was at a family wedding last weekend, so we didn’t get to Explore More.  Consequently, I’ve got a lot for you this week. But before I dive in, I want to welcome the new followers who joined us this week.  My posts about […]

On Tuesday, I shared the behavioral lessons I learned in fifteen days of logging my food intake.  Yesterday, I shared some of the nutritional lessons.  Today, I am going to dig deeper into vitamins which is the area where I got the biggest surprises. I Met 100% of the DRI for All Vitamins, With Two […]

What If

What If: Instead of being afraid to eat the wrong thing, you took pleasure in eating all the right things? Instead of being hungry all the time, you felt satiated and satisfied all day long? Instead of feeling like you “deserve” to eat treat after a meal because you were “good,” you giggled with pleasure […]