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I had my annual physical a few weeks ago. I see a fabulous functional medicine M.D. and her nurse practitioner. Put simply, I love the care I get there. They assess my weight, height, body fat, muscle mass and muscle mass distribution with this fancy-pants machine that I would name if I had any clue […]

On Tuesday, I shared the behavioral lessons I learned in fifteen days of logging my food intake.  Yesterday, I shared some of the nutritional lessons.  Today, I am going to dig deeper into vitamins which is the area where I got the biggest surprises. I Met 100% of the DRI for All Vitamins, With Two […]

Yesterday, I wrote about my experiences logging my food intake over the course of fifteen days from January 22nd to February 5th of this year.  I discussed two behavioral takeaways – 1) that accurately recalling what you ate is a very challenging task; and, 2) that when I got caught up in how many calories I […]

I’m a big fan of intuitive eating.  I’ve never counted calories or tracked my macronutrients (fat, carbs and protein) in my life.  Instead, I eat whole, largely unprocessed foods, and see how they make me feel. As it turns out, I do best with a really big breakfast, complete with lots of protein, fat and […]