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Finally! Fish Tacos!

Today you get the third installment in my Fish Taco recipe – the actual Fish Taco recipe. Corn makes me feel lousy, so while I serve these to the kids and D on corn tortillas, I use Zenbelly’s Plantain Tortillas for myself. If you’ve found a non-grain tortilla sub that you love, please share it in […]

Salmon Fennel Cakes

Bone-in, fatty fish rock. Let me count the ways: calcium, Omega-3 fatty acids, easy storage. I could go on. I have no trouble downing bone-in sardines and other tiny fish, and I have many recipes using them, too. (Like this one for Sardine Mayo, this one for a Sardine Scramble and this one for a Simply Sardine Salad.) […]

Let’s start out with some of the realities about health and wellness journalism.  And for that, I point you to Katy Bowman’s Expert Ankles piece.  Now, from time to time, I have been known to remind my class members that just because they see a picture of a movement in a health or fitness mag, […]

My husband got a Big Green Egg for his *ahem* 40th birthday that has not yet happened but the BGEs were on sale so we snagged one.  I’ve been all over that bad boy since we got it.  Check out this lovely smoked chicken. But here’s my question for you BGErs: What’s the best way […]

Sardine Mayo

When I first started getting CSA boxes, I had more than a few “what the heck do I do with this?” moments.  If you’ve ever held a piece of kohlrabi without actually knowing it was kohlrabi, you have some idea of what I mean. Early on in my CSA journey, I invested in two cookbooks […]

Getting Fishy With It

I love fish, and was beyond thrilled to catch (get it … catch?) Chris Kresser’s recent podcast interview with Dr. Nicholas Ralston explaining that the fears about mercury exposure through the consumption of ocean fish are largely unfounded.  It’s a great interview and I encourage you to listen, but suffice it to say that Dr. Ralston’s […]

I’m back with another installment of “Explore More,” where I take you to visit some of the interesting places I found this week on the internet. Buckle up and let’s go! Stefani Ruper wrote a fabulous guest post for The Paleo Parents on whether women can be healthy and overweight.  She discusses other markers of […]