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I was on Spring Break with the kids last week and we traveled to South Carolina to visit my mom.  While I was there, she wondered, would I be willing to clean out her shoe stash, as per the guidelines in Katy Bowman’s [amazon_link id=”1936661071″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief[/amazon_link]. […]

Baby A turns nine months old today. That means the last full night of sleep I got was (drumroll, please) …nine months ago. All of my babies have been wakeful little sprites.  We’ve struggled with naps and nighttime.  Getting them down has always been a lot of work. [Please, no “Have you read Ferber/Ezzo/name-the-sleep-expert-who-helped-you?” comments. […]

I’m not one for fads.  Not in fashion, nor in fitness. When it comes to fashion, I have neither the time nor the disposable income to be buying what’s “hot” right now.  I prefer well-constructed, classic pieces that will last me a few seasons. When it comes to fitness, I look for much the same […]