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So, this recipe makes a lot of food. It’s become a regular in my family’s rotation in part because it does make so much. Any time dinner can become lunch for me the next day, I’m #winning. Before I realized I had celiac and went out to dinner more often, broccoli and chicken was one […]

(Affiliate links! Affiliate links! This post contains affiliate links! Buy from them and you will help fund my blogging efforts but – BONUS – you don’t pay any more than if you went straight to Amazon yourself.) I’ve made no secret about my love for chocolate. I like it dark (only 70% and above, please) […]

The holidays can wield such a double-edged sword, can’t they? On the one hand, this time of year is filled with family, friends, tradition, delicious food, and celebration. On the other hand, this time of year also brings with it jam-packed schedules, making self-care even more of a challenge. For people with anxiety over food, […]

When I am pressed for time and need a simple supper for my crew, I almost always make a frittata. Last weekend, we spent Sunday afternoon at a darling pumpkin patch that is 100% full of Southern kitsch.  We shot corn cobs from pneumatic guns, watched pig races, rode a cow tractor, and more.  We […]

Family “Feast”

Long ago, I wrote about one of my family’s favorite dinner rituals – Salad Night.  Another of our absolute favorites is something we call “Feast.” D and I started this tradition many, many years ago now.  We would usually shop together and just wander around the market selecting quick, easy, fresh, seasonal, eat-with-your-hands kinds of […]

We were total slackers this weekend. Not that we didn’t do anything.  Quite the opposite, in fact. We hiked, we skipped rocks, we climbed trees, we jumped, we played Frisbee … and we slacklined. Have you slacklined, yet? It is loads of fun, a great activity for the family, and offers many benefits including cultivation […]

Today I bring you the first in a series of posts from Katie Timp.  She’s an occupational therapist in Virginia, and also the daughter of a man battling ALS. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” for the famed baseball player who died from the disease in 1941.  If you have […]

A Thanksgiving Recap

I hope your Turkey Day was fantastic and filled your spirit as well as your belly.  Here are some scenes from ours. My hubby and I chopped until we dropped on Thanksgiving Eve.  Our fridge was, shall we say, a bit overtaxed last night.  Thankfully, the brine and turkey fit nicely in a cooler on […]