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I had gotten into one or two law schools, was wait listed at another, and hadn’t heard from my dream school, The University of Texas at Austin. I was at home with my parents, as it must have been Christmas break, and was probably whining about not having heard from UT. My dad was having […]

I live near Emory University and was walking on the campus the other day and outside the dining hall, I stumbled upon this sign. You may not be able to read the text in the purple box well, but it explains the importance of biological diversity and the role that heritage breeds play in diversity. […]

I knew it was coming. ┬áMy son’s kindergarten class was tackling “Health & Nutrition,” and that meant he would be faced with information that was contrary to what he and I have discussed about healthful eating. ┬áToday was the first day of this new unit and at dinner (lamb chops, mustard turnips, collards and a […]