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Say (Artisanal) Cheese!

If you’ve followed my blog for long, you know that a few times a year I travel with the kiddos down to the South Carolina low country where my mom lives. You also know that one of the highlights is the Bluffton Farmers Market. I’ve blogged in the past about some of my favorite vendors here  and […]

Bacon Cheeseburger Kebabs

Yes. You read that right. Bacon Cheeseburger Kebabs. Some background: The butcher at my nearest Whole Foods Market features a few prepared foods in addition to the cuts of meat. Lately, they’ve offered two versions of kefta, one Greek and one Moroccan. The latter had nightshades but the former, ohmygoodnessgracious. So unbelievably delish. I wanted […]

I want to walk you guys through two fantastic lectures I heard at the Weston A. Price annual conference this weekend in Atlanta.  Despite the acrimony from the WAPF towards the Paleo/Primal community that I detailed here, I attended some events Friday and Saturday and walked away with a renewed energy on the topic of […]

Let’s start out with some of the realities about health and wellness journalism.  And for that, I point you to Katy Bowman’s Expert Ankles piece.  Now, from time to time, I have been known to remind my class members that just because they see a picture of a movement in a health or fitness mag, […]

Portobello Pizzas

I picked up some beautiful portobello mushroom caps at the market the other day and decided I would try to make pizzas out of them.  I always loved mushrooms on my pizza, but this recipe turns that idea on its head … I literally put the pizza inside the mushroom. My husband loved these and […]

Acne, Dairy & Me

Last week, I shared the beginning of my acne journey.  Today, I share the next major stepping stone in my quest for clear skin: discovering the link between dairy and my acne. As an adult, my acne has been pretty consistent – always one to ten cystic lesions along with some minor blackheads and whiteheads. […]