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Bacon & Leek Cauliflower

I’ve had lots of interest in the Garlic Scape & Sweet Onion Cauliflower recipe I posted earlier this summer.  Unfortunately, garlic scapes are not readily available for everyone and they are definitely a seasonal product. Today I offer a similar recipe.  The flavor profile is along the same lines … garlic scapes embody a garlicky-type of […]

Remember how I told you it was seldom that my two big kids agreed on a dish? It happened this week. The two bigs asked for seconds, thirds and fourths, and Baby A noshed happily away. So, of course, I have to share it with you. It is a decidedly summer dish.  (Don’t even think […]

Yesterday’s guest post from Sally concluded her recollections in The Caregiver Series, but our conversation about some of the issues she shared won’t end any time soon.  Next week, look for a post from me with some perspective on what watching my parents has taught me. One of the most challenging aspects to my father’s […]